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No updates as I have been so busy at work and things have got on top of me. As this is the case I have decided to put the site up for sale and see if anyone else is interested in taking it on.

After spammers managed to kill the old Guestbook, I have to start again with a new one.

After a great year on the site, we have our first event for 2006. Check out the events page to see about the RSPCA pet food run. This year promises to be a great one, and we are hoping to get some longer runs in during the year.

What a great weekend it has been.
The Techno Charity run was attended by nearly 50 members and we raised £570 for the Momentum childrens cancer charity at Kingston Hospital. As well as the money which will go towards building an outside area for the children in the isolation wards. We also donated a large amount of games and dvds for the older childrens to use.
A fantastic day, very well organised by Squeaky and supported by the likes of Wivvy, Biggus, SlapheadBandit. This is definitely going to be a yearly event. Pics of the day can be found in the photo gallery here


We've been very busy this year and the whole site has gone down well with everyone. At the moment we are just a couple of weeks away from doing our very own charity run see the events page, and we are nearly at 500 members for the forum :)
If the charity run goes well and we get the support we need, we hope to do it every year.

I'm awaiting some photos from Littlenose and once they come through, I am planning on a bit of a main site update. So look out for an all new looking site over the next month or so.

Moto Events
Been a pretty good summer so far with lots of runs and events taking place over the last few months. Most notable is the current amount of track days. Focused Events are finding themselves inundated with BoxHill forum members and the next one is on the 23August, where we may be half the field going...look out for more pics and videos soon :)

Been a bit slack in updating the main site, but this is due to the fact that we are doing more runs out. 10 of recently went on our first international run, to Ypres in Belgium. Which was a great four days, sadly the weather caught us out in the end, but we will definitely be doing it again.

Since the stats have been running, we have now had over 2million page views and there are now over 400 members on the forum.

There are some more events at Boxhill in the next couple of months, so look out for things to join in.

The first lot of stickers all went very quickly, but we now have them back in stock if you want them.


Firestorm won the Repsol Mini Moto competition, we are currenlty awaiting the photos of the 6'3 bloke, on a tiny bike :)

We added a new range to the merchandise, namely stickers. These are currently available in Black, White and Silver and can be found on the mechandise page.

Lots of new members to the forum is great and some nice ideas are coming up too. Including a Hospital run for the kids in September, we are still coming up with ideas on this, but it would be great to make it an annual affair.


you can win yourself a free Repsol Mini Moto from Crawley Motos.

The competition details are now available in the forum and all you have to do make sure you are registered on the forum (it is free)


After talking to a new advertiser on the site, I have been able to get a Mini Moto as a prize. So we are going to run a competition shortly, and you can win yourself a free Repsol Mini Moto from Crawley Motos.

The competition details will be available shortly in the forum and all you have to do to enter is register on the forum (it is free) and check out the competition page, good luck all who enter.


I've made a couple of graphic changes and updated the main page to have the same look as the forum, with the correct logo now.

As the evenings get lighter and warmer, we will be starting up the Mucky Duck runs on Wed nights again. See the forum for more details.


I've been a bit busy over Christmas, so not many updates. Although plenty of new forum members are starting to contribute with pictures and some excellent biking videos.

In a few weeks time the site will have it's first birthday :) and hopefully many more to come after that. Over the coming months, there will be a little bit of a revamp to the look. Here's to all that help Cheers!


Unfortunately the site was nearly destroyed by some hacking exploit today and there may still be some problems I haven't found yet. Luckliy I had most of it backed up and at the moment, I think everything is back apart from the Photos.

I'll attempt to recover as much as possible and hopefully won't need to ask everyone to upload all their pics again.


We have some pictures and a video from the Reading Toy Run that some of the fourm members did at the weekend. Great to see some of you helping out for charity. Still another charity event to come with the Santa's on motorbikes, where Biggus has been so far been sponsored to over £400.


Last night saw the 2004 forum awards, and despite the cold some members turned up on their bikes to the pub. It was a great evening and one that will go on every year from now.

Following requests for other items of Boxhill clothing and colours, there is now a link to hundreds more items on the Boxhill gear page

There are a couple of Toy Runs coming up for various charities, so have a look in the forum or on the events page, if you'd like to join in.

I have finally created a Boxhill Gear page, although I am still experimenting, I hope that this will work well. I am starting off with just a few items but the range will expand.
I contacted Dumpy of Dumpy's Rusty Nuts this month, as well as loving the site, he has given me permission to use part of his fabulous classic song "Boxhill or Bust". I hope to have a small intro movie up and running on the entry page using it soon.

We have also been contacted by TwoFour productions for Channel 4, asking for our help in a documentary. With any luck some of us may make it to filming in November.

We are hoping to try and get together for a couple of runs and meetings over the next month or so, depending on the weather. With a party planned for the forum members, where there will be presentations for various feats during the year, such as biggest forum get signed up now.
I made some modifications to the video pages, to give a small preview pic of each video. This should heopfully give you an idea of what to expect :)

On Tues 28th were are meeting at Boxhill/Ryka's around 1:00pm for anyone who wants to appear in a video for the site. I think it's about time we had some video of the actual place. I will filming some on bike stuff on how to get there, but I would also like to have people coming in to the car park and heading off up to the top. Anyone is welcome to come along!

After a great day out down at the Ace cafe reunion, I've uploaded a video of some of it (for those who can't get down this far) also updated a few more pages on the site. The forum now has over 200 members which is fantastic.


A few changes made to the forum to allow some advertising banners to be displayed, need to pay for some of the video bandwidth somehow.
Also added a new category to the Photos gallery, for the action pictures. Hopefully we can get a few stunts and racing pictures to be put in here. Also if anyone has any older pictures of Boxhill, it would be fantastic if they could send them in.

Another Mucky Duck run in the rain, but we still had a turn out in double figures, which was nice...thanks all :)

Finally started to load up some of the videos that have been coming in. I have been holding off as we are currently using up 5GB of traffic per month and I wondered if Video would take me over the 10GB limit. Anyway, people have enjoyed the videos in the fourms so much I am going to host them myself, what the hell ;) I'll just have to upgrade again.

Also the new Boxhill gear has been approved, so I will shortly get the page up for all those who wish to order something. There is an increased range and as I can collect it all locally, we don't incur additional postage charges. Look out for the page soon.

Lastly, I am now using the Mozilla browser rather than Internet Explorer and so I am making a few modifications to make sure that the pages all work ok. You may see a couple of extra spaces at the top of the page for all you IE people ;)

We finally had our 2nd Mucky Duck run (23rd June was hit with gales) and it was a real success. Upwards of 25 bikes on the run and even more meeting us there. When we left Box Hill to go to the pub I even had others ask us where the new meet was, myabe as we nearly half cleared the car park on our way out. Was a great day and there is a nice collection of photos in the gallery now.

Updated the events page to include some other events that people have submitted, thanks to all of you.

We are now working towards having a regular once a month meet at the Black Swan (Mucky Duck) at Ockham, which has been a great way for lots of people to meet, even from as far afield as Milton Keynes they came :)


It's been a hectic few weeks and we've had some nice ride outs and lots of new people joining the forums, so not much has been added to the site. We were up to our 130th user last night and over 10000 posts have already been entered.

I have today added a weather link on the events page, to help you plan those trips in the UK.

Mtthwpez won the paddock stand in the competition, but not all is lost for everyone else as a new competition will be held shortly.

There are plenty of photos from the Hastings bike run up in the gallery for you viewing pleasure. Please feel free to join in and upload your own photos. Shortly the video page should be ready and some contributors have uploaded 100s of MBs of video for us, thanks BY :)


Membership of the forum is up to 87 people now and is going very well. The competiion is closed from midnight and the winner will be announced on the 1st may. The next competition will be lauched shortly.
Some minor admendments to the forum have taken place, to make it feel more like our home. Further changes will happen of the course of the next few weeks.

The Competition page is now up with more details.

Very shortly we will be having a competition and you can win a prize to help you with your bike. Please see the forum for further information. Please note entrants to the competition must be signed up members of the forum (UK only, sorry).

More images from the most recent runs and from our visitors available.

Finally added the album mod to the forum, and now everyone can upload their own photos of boxhill to the main album. Registers forum users can set up their own personal albums as well, enjoy.

A group of us had our first joint run and we have posted some of the photos in the gallery. Shame the weather wasn't with us, but at least we got to meet some of the people from the forums.

We've been concentrating on the forum and made some changes to make it easier to reply and stop people forgetting to log in. Added a couple of new events.

Box Hill gear is next on the list and some of those have already been ordered, ready for our first run and photo sessions at Box Hill.

Added a links page, and I will start putting on some of the great people who link to us, and hopefully allow them to do the same for us.

Added a fairly simple guestbook, as there seem to be quite a lot of hits on the site, but those people do not seem to want to sign up for the forum. This is your chance to add your comments on the site.

Also added today, is the visitor submitted images. Only the one added just to test it, but there will be others coming shortly.

Fixed a couple of minor problems and added a favicon.ico file. If you resave your favourite link, it will now have a little bike icon. I know, little things please ........ and all that.

Made a few enhancements to the gallery page, bike images only at the moment. I have added a little script that provides a pop image for the thumbnail, which you can then move around the screen.
I will see what feedback I get before I do this for all the image pages.

Have been busy downloading some bike videos to have up shortly and have a very friendly person to host them for me. These videos will not be Box Hill ones to start with, but they will come honest.


Been very busy with the forum and trying to do some advertising, whilst working on getting the search engines sorted. That still needs a lot of work although "box hill bikes" comes out near the top on Google finally.

I've now added some events but these are just bike racing ones, as I have yet to have anyone send anything in on this. Still the posters are hopefully going out now, and we should get some more members sign up and give their input. The forms should hopefully bit up and running by the end of the week.

Added a few photos for the surroundings section. Although it was a bit drab today, so they are not too hot.


The forums are starting slowly but are getting there, I have uploaded a whole bunch of bike related avatars for people to choose from. I have also added a route map for the runs page, we will see if this is popular or not :)

The forums are now up and running, you can check them out here, get signed up and get posting people.


Made some changes at the suggestion of the Visordown forum visitors and will continue to work on some greatideas that they have given me.


Started the Runs page, had a couple of people mention Ogri's cafe and Cafe Madeira. Don't forget to let us know any of your other favourites.


Fixed up the Stories page and have asked for people to send in their Box Hill or biking related stories. I have one that just needs to be typed out which should be up within a week or so.


Finally started to get some things up and going and most feedback is very positive so far. Men and Motors forum people are great and even helping with the set up of the site and content.




We'd appreciate any feedback on the site